Imagine pristine white beaches stretching in front of you. Imagine being at peace with nature on that secluded beach. You are now at Longbeach Villa. Stay as part of our family at Longbeach Villa and enjoy quiet uninhabited white sandy beaches with beautiful clear waters. We provide a friendly family oriented service ensuring that you experience the traditional Thai beach life. For those who love nature, tranquility, beautiful beaches and a real desire to taste beach-life, Long beach Villa provide the perfect answer.

Our accommodation comprises three types of room styles:

  • Luxury Air Conditioned Villas with hot shower and cable TV showcasing modern design and architecture reflecting the surrounding nature.
  • Newly renovated Luxury Fan villas have also been designed to replicate nature and its surroundings.
  • Quaint Cottages with fan and small balcony.

We have facilities to accommodate families, couples and the independent traveler.